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About Our Shops

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation shops represent the charity on the high street and the first shop at Allerton Road, Liverpool opened its doors to the public in November of 1998, quickly followed by Formby in February 1999, and to date we have 10 shops throughout the North West. They provide an excellent service to their local communities and offer quality donated items to the surrounding areas and also offer a small selection of new goods at reasonable prices.

The only paid members of staff are the full time manager and the part time assistant manager. The shops also have a compliment of hardworking volunteers who give their time “free of charge” and without whose help we could not run the shops. Their hours vary from between 2 and 4 hours a day one or two days a week, and indeed some volunteers manage to give us a few whole days.

We also have two full time stock control drivers whose job it is to ensure that all the shops have a generous stock of donated goods and they do this by posting out the Foundations charity sacks to collect donated items in from the public. The drivers are also used in many different ways such as - transferring stock from one shop to another and house clearances when requested.

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