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Stop Smoking

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Living or working in the Liverpool area and thinking about stopping smoking? Why not call along to our Roy Castle FagEnds community stop smoking service?

You may like to visit one of our drop-in support sessions or have a one-to-one appointment at a variety of settings near you.

The sessions are very informal. You will not be expected to introduce yourself or take part in any group discussions, unless you want to.

At your first appointment, you’ll meet your friendly stop smoking advisor, who will help you to decide on the kind of support that you want and tailor a smoke free plan to suit your needs.

Your advisor will discuss the process of stopping smoking with you. They will also discuss with you any previous quit attempts you may have had and what products are available to help you in your quit attempt.

You will also have your carbon monoxide reading taken. This is a non-invasive test, which requires you to simply blow into a machine in order to measure the amount of carbon monoxide you have in your body through smoking. Many of our clients find this very beneficial and that it motivates them to quit for good.

For more details please telephone 0800 195 2131

Getting help and advice from our friendly, expert team means that you are four times more likely to quit for good!

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Why not join our online stop smoking community, Quit Support? A place where you can get extra hints and tips on stopping smoking or chat to others who may be feeling the same as you. For more information visit

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