Impact report

It is vital, as a charity, that we evaluate the impact we are having within lung cancer to ensure the money we receive from our generous supporters is used in the right ways.

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Impact Report 2016-17

Our 2016-17 impact report examines all our charitable work, including:

  • Lung cancer research
  • Help and support for those living with lung cancer
  • Treatments for lung cancer
  • Prevention, and
  • Campaigning.

Expect better survival rates

Lung health checks

In 2017, we funded our Lung Health Check in Nottingham to identify people with lung cancer before symptoms appear. Early detection is everything in lung cancer – it saves lives. It saved Bill’s life. The results from our project, and others like it, have provided the evidence to secure a £70m investment from NHS England to roll the programme out to 14 sites across the country.


Our research looks to understand how and why lung cancer develops as well as identifying biomarkers to develop new non-invasive methods for early diagnosis. We also fund research projects dedicated to improving patient experience. We believe people with lung cancer deserve the best care possible and proud to fund research to ensure this happens.

Access to treatment

We are a recognised voice for both the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC), the regulatory bodies responsible for determining which new treatments are made available on the NHS. Without us, that patient voice is not directly represented, and we are proud there has been, and continues to be, a significant advance in availability of treatment for lung cancer, helping people to live well and live longer with lung cancer.

I was diagnosed in April 2014 with incurable lung cancer. Contrary to original expectations, I’m still here. I’m currently on my sixth line of treatment. I’ve had chemotherapy and radiotherapy and I’m now on a targeted therapy. Without it, it’s unlikely I’d be here today.

Jackie, living with advanced lung cancer

Expect better for patients

The needs of patients are at the heart of everything we do. From providing easy-to-understand information, to offering practical, emotional and financial support, we ensure everyone with lung cancer has access to help and support.

It’s very helpful meeting other people who are suffering from a similar disease, to find out how they manage and what things they find help them enjoy life. The opportunity to share is very important. We don’t talk about lung cancer enough.

Peter, living with lung cancer

Expect better attitudes

In 2017, we launched our HeadHigh campaign, challenging the stigma faced by people with lung cancer.

Terry was one of 13 people to take part in our #HeadHigh campaign
Terry was one of 13 people to take part in our #HeadHigh campaign

The campaign was in response to a survey which found one in four people in the UK have less sympathy for people with lung cancer than those with other forms of cancer. We believe this is due to its links with smoking. But no one deserves lung cancer and people living with this disease should not be made to feel ashamed or embarrassed. They should be able to hold their #HeadHigh.

All this is only possible because of our incredible supporters – our volunteer, our staff, our corporate partners, our advocates and ambassadors, our researchers and nurses and the thousands of fundraisers who never fail to surprise us with their generosity.

Help us continue our work so those living with lung cancer can expect better.