Back to work blues made better

For those of us fortunate to have been off throughout the extended Christmas break, going back to work became an all too imminent reality this week. Monday evening saw many brandishing a bottom lip like a child whose parent failed in their Christmas quest to find a Hatchimal, Nerf blaster or any of the other ‘must have’ toys of 2016.

Going back to work after any prolonged period is always a little tough. However, perhaps one of the reasons it seems harder after Christmas is because it’s coupled with the likely self-inflicted pressures of new year’s resolutions. The swathes of chocolate boxes are replaced by kale and quinoa salads, after work drinks by begrudged gym sessions.

Understandably, after a month of stuffing turkeys and ourselves, healthy eating and exercise top the list of resolutions for many of us. The first few days, even weeks is ok – eating a bit better is actually a relief after gorging on anything and everything – but then a sniff of chocolate or a whiff from the chippy permeates our nostrils and good intentions go out the window.

So how can we turn going back to work to our advantage? Maybe the folks at Healy’s have the right idea:

Several staff members from the London and Brighton-based law firm joined forces to form their own Tough Mudder team. They took part in the London West Tough Mudder last year, fundraising for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Wearing t-shirts they had especially made, they each took to the British Special Forces designed obstacle course, helping each other out along the way and raising over £3,700 for the charity.

Taking part as a team is a fantastic way to stay motivated. As one of you wavers, the others are there to spur you on - or drag you out to train during lunchtime! Fundraising is also a huge motivator for those of us who have a tendency to fall off the exercise wagon with the greatest of ease! You’re not just doing it for you, you’re doing it to help us find new ways to beat lung cancer.

So this January, say Bye Bye Mince Pie. Hello Let’s Go! and really mean it. Check out our many sports-based fundraising events – from gentle 5k runs to cross country cycles, rambling walks and Tough Mudder challenges – and help us beat the UK’s biggest cancer killer. Judging by Healy’s Tough Mudder pictures, it might even make going back to work a lot more fun.

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