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Craig’s Story: Flying with my angel this Mother’s Day

In honour of Mother’s Day, our supporter Craig Cole took to the skies and jumped out of a plane in memory of his mum, Pam. Craig had always wanted to do a skydive so his girlfriend, Laura, gathered family and friends together to help raise money to purchase the skydive for Craig’s birthday:

“My mom was the most perfect, beautiful and hardworking mom we could ever have wished for. She did everything possible for us, always putting everyone else before herself. Whenever anything was wrong, if we were upset or needed some advice, it would be mom we all turned to; not just her own kids but all her nieces and nephews too. She was the backbone of our family.

“She was also the best nan to her two grandsons, Finley and Lucas. They both loved spending time with her as much as she did with them. Life was going good. We were all one big, happy family and mom loved it that way.

“Mom had been suffering from a pain in her side, a dull ache, for a while but just thought she’d pulled a muscle from picking up the grandkids and so delayed getting it checked out. Finally, she agreed to get it looked at. Never in a million years were we prepared for it be lung cancer.

“I remember the day so vividly. It was a Thursday and my dad was working away. I got back from work and she looked very anxious. She asked if I wanted to take the dog for a walk with her. She talked nonstop about everything but the cancer. In hindsight, she was desperately trying to take her mind off it as she wanted to tell my dad first.

“Dad got home on Friday. I remember walking into the kitchen and they were both sitting at the back door crying. They didn’t even have to tell me what was wrong; I knew straight away. We all sat and had a cry and a cuddle. Then we wiped away our tears and prepared to fight.

“It wasn’t to be though. Like everything she did, mom gave it everything she had but it spread so quickly."

Taking to the skies

“I’ve always wanted to do a skydive and what better way to do it for a very good cause that’s so close to my and my family’s heart.

“There were a few tears when I opened the box – I couldn’t believe Laura had been so thoughtful. She organised it all, getting so many sponsors from all my best friends and family without me even knowing about it.

“Mom would have gone crazy at me if she was still here; she definitely wouldn’t give me the thumbs up. But she’d be so proud at the same time for raising money for such an important charity.

“We only have one life and, as my family has found out, it’s a short one. I’ve learnt you need to cherish every single second of the day with your loved ones and try and make as many happy memories as you can. Jumping out a plane is certainly an experience I’ll never forget and the fact I got to do it on Mother’s Day – my first one without mom – made it even more special. I felt like I was flying with my angel.”

Craig completed his skydive on Mother’s Day – Sunday 26th March 2017. For more information about our skydives, please visit

Craig was bought his skydive challenge by his family, friends and girlfriend, Laura. We have three challenges experiences available – skydive, zip-wire and abseil with different payment options available. Please click the relevant challenge below for more information:


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