Lung cancer survival rates up… but it’s still not good enough

This week saw the publication of the National Lung Cancer Audit from The Royal College of Physicians. Its headline message –

Obviously we are pleased to see an increase in patient survival but as our Medical Director, Dr Jesme Fox, pointed out there is much still to do.

We want to give lung cancer patients the best chance to beat this awful disease. We want people with lung cancer to be here to see their children get married, to see grandchildren grow up, to celebrate silver and gold wedding anniversaries with their other halves. Because sadly, at the moment, the majority aren’t.

But we aren’t just crossing our fingers and hoping for a miracle. In the last week, we’ve taken a significant first step in achieving a much brighter future for lung cancer patients.

Commenting on the audit, Dr Jesme Fox said:

“There is much still to do, to ensure that lung cancer patients are diagnosed as early as possible and are able to access best practice treatment and care.”

The early detection of lung cancer is key to significantly improving survival rates and to beating lung cancer – FULL STOP. We are funding the first phase of a lung health check and lung cancer screening project in Nottingham where lung cancer incidences are significantly higher than the national average (115.7 / 100,000 vs. 83.3 / 100,000 respectively).

It’s our hope that the project will identify potential lung cancer patients before any symptoms appear. We’ve already seen some positive results from the pilot test where three patients were found to have currently non-cancerous nodules. They will now be regularly monitored so if lung cancer does develop, there is an increased chance that it will be caught early. Now that makes for a better headline.

You can read more about our Nottingham Screening Project here

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