The Wonders of Wedding Favours

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Friday 20th January 2017

We’ve been busy getting ready for the Liverpool and North West wedding show (we’ve got a stall there this weekend) and it’s made me reminisce about my own wedding day – five years ago, this year. Where’s that time gone?!

I loved going to wedding fairs, meandering through the aisles, getting ideas for the big day. I remember my then husband-to-be’s face, bless him, as the reality dawned on him about the sheer amount of things that are involved in making a wedding happen.

“Have you got any ideas about wedding favours?” I asked casually. He looked at me perplexed.
“Wedding favours, what are they?” Smiling, I explained they were little gifts you give to the guests.
“Oh right. Do we need them?”
“Err… yes.”
“Because we just do” was my rather lame response.

It turns out wedding favours have actually been around for quite some time, originating amongst the French aristocracy. Originally they were called Bonbonnieres and would typically consist of a small crystal box containing sugared almonds (sugar at the time was believed to hold medicinal properties. It was also very expensive and difficult to get hold of).

The tradition soon spread across Europe with each country introducing a new take of the custom; the Italians gave chocolate, the Spanish orange blossoms, the English packets of love hearts!

But things have moved on a lot since then, with wedding favours becoming more and more creative and, in many cases, personal to the couple getting married.

We chose to have wedding favours in memory of my dad. I’d always had this fear that my dad wouldn’t be here to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. I’m not entirely sure why – he was relatively fit and healthy - but I guess, being a daddy’s girl, the prospect of it just really scared me.

In 2009, my fear became a reality and my dad died of lung cancer. He never had the chance to meet my now husband, never had the opportunity to eye him up to see if he was good enough for his little girl or to eventually be assured that he was!

Despite his absence, the day was just as we wanted it to be – full of laughter, dancing and Guinness (we got married on Paddy’s Day). I talked about him in my speech, sharing stories and tears, and encouraged everyone to wear their pin badges throughout the day.

He was meant to play a big part of my wedding day so, for us, this was the perfect way for us to include him in it.

This got us thinking about how we could help our supporters honour and remember their loved ones on their big day.

We've now designed our own range of wedding favours – a star, ribbon or heart. Each pin badge comes with a backing card which can also be used as a place setting (money saving is an essential part of wedding planning) and informs guests that you have made a donation to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation on their behalf to celebrate your special day.

If you’ve got tickets to the Liverpool and North West wedding show at Liverpool’s Exhibition Centre this weekend, please come and say hello. Alternatively, click here to check out our favours and other wedding items online.

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