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Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2018

There is no denying lung cancer is a terrifying thing to be told you have and far too many people are still dying from the disease. As a result, many people believe lung cancer is an instant death sentence, a disease that cannot be treated or cured, and are therefore either too scared to go to the doctor, or don't go because they believe nothing can be done.

This is not the case...

We know the sooner lung cancer is caught, the better a person's chance of survival and so as part of our campaign for Lung Cancer Awareness Month (LCAM) 2018, we are challenging the misconceptions around lung cancer to improve awareness, attitudes and, ultimately, early detection and survival rates.

This November, we're helping people recognise the symptoms and Face Your Fear because, as Jane, Wendy and Paul know, lung cancer does not have to mean life stops.

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Jane's Story
3 years post treatment

"When it comes to lung cancer, we shouldn’t just think ‘in the box’. We should think out of it too."

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Wendy's Story
6 years living with lung cancer

"I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer on the 12th February 2012. That's six and a half years ago and life is good."

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Paul's Story
3 years post surgery

"I was told both my tumours weren't operable. But then I was told there may be something they could do..."

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Face Your Fear Virtual Reality

Enter our virtual reality (VR) experience and meet Frank as he battles his fear of going to the doctor with potential lung cancer symptoms.

Why you should Face Your Fear

Many people can relate to the story in our virtual reality experience. Emma certainly can.

She suspects her dad, Beven, had several symptoms including a cough, shoulder pain and fatigue, for longer than he would have admitted and for some time before going to his doctor.

Emma says Face Your Fear

When Emma's dad, Bevan, was told he had lung cancer, he said 'This day has come as no shock to me.' As a welder, he'd seen work mates die of lung cancer so thought no one could recover from it.

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Face Your Fear at Westminster

Face Your Fear launched on 31st October at Westminster where we invited MPs and journalists to experience our Face Your Fear virtual reality to highlight the importance of early detection.

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Face Your Fear Roadshow

Throughout November 2018, the Face Your Fear campaign will be touring the UK, working within communities to change the misconceptions around lung cancer and improve awareness and attitudes.

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Face Your Fear Virtual Reality

Our virtual reality experience tells the story of Frank. He is displaying several potential lung cancer symptoms but is fearful of going to the doctor, despite encouragement from his daughter. He...

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Lung Cancer Symptoms

21% of people in the UK cannot name a single lung cancer symptom1, which include:2

• Persistent cough
• Ongoing chest infections
• Chest or shoulder pain
• Loss of appetite
• Change in a long-term cough
• Coughing up blood
• Unexplained weight loss, fatigue and/or breathlessness.

Know the symptoms and Face Your Fear

Lung cancer symptoms tracker
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Symptoms tracker

If you are aware of any changes in your lung health, go to your doctor as soon as possible. Our free symptoms tracker can help highlight the severity and frequency of your symptoms.

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Lung cancer referral steps
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Referral steps

Under the guidelines outlined NICE and SMC, a person should be referred for an urgent chest x-ray if they meet this criteria...

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Lung cancer awareness pack
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Awareness pack

Show your support of our Face Your Fear campaign and help us continue to increase lung cancer awareness by downloading and sharing our lung cancer awareness pack.

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¹Global Lung Cancer Coalition. Great Britain: symptom awareness and attitudes to lung cancer: Findings from a global study. Available at: http://www.lungcancercoalition.org/uploads/docs/Great%20Britain%20-%20national%20data%20pack%20-%20FINAL.pdf. Accessed October 2018. | ²Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Lung Cancer Signs and Symptoms. Available at: https://www.roycastle.org/how-we-help/lung-cancer-information/understand-the-disease/signs-and-symptoms. Last accessed: October 2018.

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