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We can save the lives of people with lung cancer.

Many more people, just like Bill

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On 21st November 2017, Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England, announced plans to roll out a Lung Health Check programme across England.

As the only UK lung cancer charity, we are committed to earlier detection of lung cancer, ensuring patients are diagnosed at the earliest stage when treatment is potentially curative.

We know the significant impact this could have on people’s lives and are in full support of a national health check programme.

Let's Roll aims to ensure a lung health check is rolled out as soon as possible in areas where similar programmes and research projects are not already underway. We're also calling on the healthcare bodies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to roll out their own lung health check.

How you can join our campaign

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Sign our petition

If you believe people with lung cancer deserve the best chance to beat this awful disease, show your support and sign our online petition.

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Lobby your MP

Keep lung cancer and the health check programme on the agenda. Write to your local MP with our sample lobbying letters.

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How Lung Health Checks can save lives

We know this first hand the impact a national lung health check programme can have - because we funded a similar programme last year and it is saving people's lives.

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A lung health check saved Bill's life...

...now we're campaigning for more people to be given the same chance.

Our Lung Health Check

In 2017, we funded our own lung health check in Nottingham, where we detected lung cancer in 3.9% of people who received a CT scan. In 40% of these cases, the patient received curative treatment.

We are now aiming to fund the next stage of the project to a population of 36,000 people whilst we wait for the implementation of a national programme.

Because people with lung cancer don't have time to wait

Sadly, it is too late for too many people

But a national lung health check could stop others going through what these families have endured

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It's too late for... Subhas

“Dad was the most positive person. He moved to the UK in 1975 where he spent the next 40 years working as a GP. He retired in 2015 with exciting plans. Sadly, this dream was never to come true."

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It's too late for... Brigitte

"Mum was the kind of woman who had an open ear and open door policy to life. I don’t know how many times I would get home to find her chatting to people she just met over a cup of tea!"

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It's too late for... George

“Dad had a way of calming down a situation. Just hearing his voice was reassuring. I miss that so much and even though it's been over four years, the pain is as fresh as though it was 2013."

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Make sure its not too late for other families


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