Let's Roll

We can save the lives of people with lung cancer.

Many more people, just like Bill

Last year, we launched our #LetsRoll campaign calling for lung health checks to be rolled out across the UK.

Our voice has been heard in England; NHS England has announced the roll out of 14 lung health checks across the country.

This is, without doubt, amazing news and, if implemented properly, will have a major impact on lung cancer survival rates.

Whilst this is a notable and needed step forward, it is not the full implementation we wanted and the ultimate aim for a UK-wide screening programme remains a top priority for us.

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What are lung health checks?

NHS England has confirmed it is rolling out lung health checks across England. But what are lung health checks? Where will these projects be and who will they help?

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Our ongoing commitment to early detection

The announcement of lung health checks is amazing news. However, we recognise this programme will not benefit everyone, and so we need to continue to develop better screening tools for everyone.

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Our thoughts on lung health checks

Our CEO, Paula Chadwick, shares her thoughts on the implementation of lung health checks, and what’s next for early detection of lung cancer.

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A lung health check saved Bill's life...

…now more people will have the same chance.

Our Lung Health Check

In 2017, we funded our own lung health check in Nottingham, where we detected lung cancer in 3.9% of people who received a CT scan. In 40% of these cases, the patient received curative treatment.

In 2018, we extended this to a population of 36,000 to diagnose more people earlier and save lives.

This year, and many more years to come, even more people are going to get the chance to have their lung cancer diagnosed early thanks to the implementation of lung health checks.

Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign. From the thousands of people who signed our petition to those who bravely shared their story of lost loved ones, our voice has been heard and, with your ongoing support, we will continue to proudly help and represent everyone with lung cancer.

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