If I hadn't have gone for that scan, I could have been dead in a year

When Bill was invited to take part in our lung health check, little did he know it would save his life. His doctor says it's given him 10 more years and he intends to spend it with his wife and son.

"I had a call from a nurse about the check and thought I may as well get checked. I’d had a cough for a while but wasn’t concerned about it. I wouldn't have gone to my doctors about it, I know that, because I didn't feel ill.

"At the initial appointment I was told I needed to have a CT scan and then a PET scan. That's when I was told - yes, you have lung cancer but it's localised, it's avery small amount and hasn't spread.

"One minute you've been given a death sentence if you like, the next you're getting a reprieve! And it comes out in two sentences!

The whole process, from the initial breath tests to having the operation and getting out of hospital, took about six weeks.

You're operated on and a couple of days later you can go home - you're fixed, you're mended, you feel great! You really feel elated.

I'm so glad I went to the lung health check. It saved my life. My doctors said "It's given you 10 more years of your life". My wife has never forgiven him for that!

I think every major city should have one of these scanners because, that's the thing, if they do find it, you can be fixed."

We want more people to have the same chance of life as Bill.
Sign our petition to support the roll out of a national lung health check and give people the best chance to beat lung cancer. #LetsRoll

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