Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

30th November 2019

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month (LCAM), so it is the perfect time to fundraise for us and support those living with lung cancer. It doesn’t matter what you do. Every little effort can make a big difference to the 47,000 people diagnosed with lung cancer every year.

Looking for inspiration?

Here are just some of the ways you could fundraise for us this November:

Bake sales / Coffee mornings

This classic is always a wonderful way to fundraise. After all, who doesn’t love a slice of cake?! Coffee mornings can be held anywhere – from offices, to schools and social clubs. Get everyone together and let them eat cake! It also gives you a great opportunity to chat about lung cancer and challenge the misconceptions around the disease.

Head or beard shave

Head shaves have always been a popular fundraising event and are often done in solidarity for a loved one who has lost their own hair during treatment for lung cancer. Nick, who is part of our Follow my Lead campaign this lung cancer awareness month shaved his hair off ahead of his chemotherapy treatment and raised over £2000 for us.

And now, with the rise of hipsters, we are seeing more and more people who are shaving of their beards to fundraise for lung cancer too! 

Quiz nights

Eyes down, phones away! First question – When is lung cancer awareness month? Answer – NOW! You can do it yourself, or ask your local pub to host. It’s a really simple way to fundraise and another good opportunity to spread the word and raise vital awareness of lung cancer.

Swim the Distance

Throughout November, we challenge you to Swim the Distance.

Swim the Distance is a swimming challenge open to all ages and abilities. Simply register for free, pick the distance you would like to complete and head down to your local swimming pool at a time that suits you anytime in November. You can choose to complete your swim in one go, or over the course of the month as a team or as an individual.

I’ve really enjoying the opportunity to focus on something positive coming out of the terrible grief at the loss of my mum.

Emma took on our Swim the Distance challenge last year


There is always some sort of event to run an office sweepstake on. At this time of year, you could run one about Strictly Come Dancing, or X Factor. And, of course, there’s always sport going on.

Bag packing

Contact your local supermarket by writing to the Charity or Community Champion at your local store and ask if you could arrange a bag packing service there. Then round up the troops and get packing. We can provide you with collection cans and donation buckets, as well as charity T-shirts.

Facebook Fundraisers

Set up a dedicated fundraiser on Facebook for the month of November in honour of Lung Cancer Awareness Month. We can provide plenty of content for you share from our dedicated awareness campaign to inspire and encourage donations.

Give something up

From chocolate to social media, there is all something we could give up to fundraise for lung cancer. And quite often, as well as raising money, it’s beneficial to our own health too! Win win!