Snowman Sketch Challenge

Snowman Sketch Challenge

Registration fee: £6 No minimum sponsorship
United Kingdom

The Snowman Sketch challenge looks to get you outdoors this winter, making memories, having fun and taking part in raising some money for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

For this challenge, we’re inviting walkers, runners and cyclists to have some fun! You can take part individually – as your own personal challenge – or as a family. Please ensure you’re complying to the current Government lockdown restrictions, ensuring you’re exercising locally.

Using the trend of GPS art, we are looking for you to create your very best snowman! Check out these amazing sketches from some of our supporters below.

The challenge will run up until Sunday 28th February giving you a longer period to complete your chilly challenge – wrap up warm!

By using a GPS Tracking app such as Strava or Map My Run, you will plot your route before sketching out your snowman by getting your legs moving! The tracking app will follow your route which will leave behind your snowman trail.

Everyone signed up will receive a Snowman Medal for completion of their challenge! To prove completion of the challenge please send a photo of your Snowman trail to

How to take part

  • It couldn’t be easier! Just sign up using the handy form below.
  • Download the exercise tracking app of your choice, we recommend Map my Run or Strava.
  • Create your Just Giving page and ask friends and family to support you by donating to your Snowman Sketch Challenge
  • Plot your route, plan your day, choose to walk, run or cycle and get your legs moving to create your Snowman! To prove completion of the challenge please send a photo of your Snowman to

Sign up options

Sign up as a team – It is free to register a group if you can set up a Just Giving page and commit to raising as much as you can – at least £6 per person in your group. The Just Giving page covers all team members so every person who takes part will get a medal.

Sign up as an individual / family – either

  • Register and pay £6 for your medal. Or
  • Sign up for free and pledge to fundraise what you can for your medal

What happens next?

Once registered, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the information you will need regarding the Snowman Sketch Challenge.

To make things as simple as possible for you we’ve created a Step by Step guide to our Snowman Sketch Challenge. This will be emailed to you after registering.

If you share your Snowman Sketch on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – don’t forget to tag us! We can’t wait to see your masterpiece!

We hope you choose to take part in our Christmas Sketch Challenge. By walking, running or cycling for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation you’re helping us fulfil our promise to support everyone affected by lung cancer.

How your fundraising helps those who need us most

People with lung cancer are at the highest risk of serious illness if they contract COVID-19. Many are also faced with the very realistic prospect that their treatment may be postponed. Understandably, this is creating high levels of worry and anxiety.

Demand for our Ask the Nurse telephone helpline has increased by 93% during the COVID-19 pandemic compared with the previous year, showing that now more than ever, our patients need our support and with your help, we can continue to make this possible.

By signing up for our Snowman Sketch Challenge, you are helping to fund our Ask the Nurse freephone helpline for patients and families.

For more information or queries regarding our Snowman Sketch Challenge please email