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At Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, we believe everyone diagnosed with lung cancer should have access to easy-to-understand information about their diagnosis and treatment. With the help of our expert and patient readership panels, we produce highly regarded literature for free, and encourage lung cancer nurse specialists and members of the multidisciplinary team to utilise and pass on to their patients.

Order information products or download our lung cancer booklets for free below.

We are currently supplying information from our temporary office. Please tick relevant boxes below for the quantities of booklets you would like to order, we will process orders within 2 weeks. If you have any queries or want different quantities please call 0333 323 7200 option 2 or email All our information products can be viewed and are available as downloadable pdf’s.

Before you order information products, please liaise with all your colleagues re their information requirements to reduce the number of orders placed and minimise our costs.

Available literature to order: