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You can create a lasting tribute to your loved one by creating a Tribute Page, right here on our website.  A Tribute page is the perfect place to keep the memory of a loved one alive.

A Tribute Page provides a special place online for family and friends to visit regularly to share their thoughts and fond memories, upload photographs and light candles on special occasions.

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“Neil’s Tribute Page has been a wonderful source of comfort as well as giving a focus for any fundraising we and our friends have done. During the early years of our grieving, being able to light a candle and express our thoughts in a safe place was invaluable. I can’t believe that its 5 years ago since life was normal. I miss his zest for life and humour tremendously .”

Netty, in memory of her husband Neil

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If you need any assistance in setting up your page, or you would like us to do this for you, please contact or call 0333 323 7200.

Tribute pages raise thousands of pounds every year, helping to fund life-saving research and to support all those affected by lung cancer, people like Vicky.

Vicky, along with her husband, is living with incurable cancer. She has been receiving treatment for the last three years, but her disease has spread, and she couldn’t access the only other treatment that might help.

Her sister, Alison, called our nurse-led helpline for advice. Armed with the necessary information, Vicky has now been given access to a new treatment, which could give her more time with her three children.

With so much anxiety and uncertainty, calls to our helpline have increased by 56% during the pandemic. Your support means we can continue to support those who need us, just like Vicky did.