Tribute funds

Tribute funds are a simple and fitting way to remember a loved one and celebrate their life. It allows everyone who knew them to share memories, pictures and stories and keep their memory very much alive.

Tribute funds also gives you the opportunity to raise money for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation in the memory of your loved one to fund vital lung cancer research and support.

When you set up a page, you can upload multiple photos of your loved ones as well as send a thought whenever you’re thinking about them. You can also keep an online journal, sharing tales and anecdotes about them.

tribute funds
Susan and her mum Betty

“Being able to raise much needed funds, in my mum’s name, gives such comfort to the whole family. If the united work we do in mum’s name, as a family, provides more precious time with a loved one, or educating someone to an early diagnosis, it is a privilege and worth the joint effort by all involved.”

Susan, in memory of her mum Betty

Click here to see Susan’s tribute to her mum, Betty.

Setting up your own personal Tribute Fund

Donate to a Tribute Fund

Raising money in their memory

You can add fundraising events and ask for people to take part or sponsor you. People are also able to donate directly to your tribute fund, with all money raised coming directly to our charity to help fund lung cancer research and provide support to those living with lung cancer.

The tribute fund keeps track of all the fundraising organised through the page and provides a running total of all the money you, your family and friends have raised. Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation will then keep you updated as to how, and who, your money has helped.

lucy tribute fund
Lucy and dad Phil

“During her last days Lucy said to me: ‘Dad, please don’t forget me’. Creating a Tribute Fund meant we never would. Hopefully others could share her life story and draw strength from it.”

Phil, in memory of his daughter Lucy