Tribute Pages

Tribute Pages are a perfect place to share your memories of a loved one with your family and friends, and, if you wish, to help us raise funds to support anyone affected by lung cancer.

“Neil’s Tribute Page has been a wonderful source of comfort as well as giving a focus for any fundraising we and our friends have done. During the early years of our grieving, being able to light a candle and express our thoughts in a safe place was invaluable. I can’t believe that its 5 years ago since life was normal. I miss his zest for life and humour tremendously .”

Netty, in memory of her husband Neil

Setting up your own personal Tribute Page

It’s quick and easy to set up a page:

  • Provide us with a few basic details about you and your loved one
  • Personalise with photos and stories
  • Share the link with family and friends

Raising money in their memory

Tribute Pages also gives you the opportunity to raise money for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation in the memory of your loved one to fund vital lung cancer research and support.

You can add fundraising events and ask for people to take part or sponsor you. People are also able to donate directly to your tribute fund, with all money raised coming directly to our charity to help fund lung cancer research and provide support to those living with lung cancer.

Donate to a Tribute Page

If you’d like to donate to an existing Tribute Page, please search using the box below.


“During her last days Lucy said to me: ‘Dad, please don’t forget me’. Creating a Tribute Page meant we never would. Hopefully others could share her life story and draw strength from it.”

Phil, in memory of his daughter Lucy

Contact Us

If you need any further information or help with a Tribute Page, please email or call 0333 323 7200