Supporting lung cancer nurses

How we can help in setting up a support group

If setting up a support group is something that you have thought of doing but weren’t quite sure where to start, we can offer practical advice and administrative support to help you run your group.

We can help with the following:

  • Performing a patient/carer needs assessment

  • Finding an appropriate venue
Providing publicity posters and flyers

  • Providing funding of up to £30 per month towards venue and/or refreshments

  • Providing a comprehensive facilitator pack

In addition we can put you in touch with any of the facilitators who currently run support groups, who will be able to help answer your questions. You can find out about our existing support groups here

Facilitator training

We run a fully funded two day accredited training programme which is open to all our support group facilitators. The training will help to equip you with expert skills to facilitate your group and also provides a fantastic opportunity for you to network with nurse facilitators from throughout the UK.

For more information about setting up a support group, or for facilitator training, please contact

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