Brilliant Bingo

Lillian runs a self-help group called FLAP – facing life on pain. The group offers help and support to those suffering from pain. They meet every Monday and Thursday morning and often invited therapists to the group, from aromatherapy to reiki and licenced chiropractors, to offer practice help and advice about pain management.

But the group is also about having fun too and they often run fundraising events for selected charities. And that’s exactly what they did for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation when they held a bingo day.

“Who doesn’t love a bit of bingo?” chuckles Lillian. “We hire a hall and get the balls rolling. No one takes it very seriously and we’re not all that strict! We have quite a lot of false calls but everyone just laughs it off. It’s a lovely, fun time.

“The group was set up by Mike Baker. I started to come because I suffer from back pain and arthritis and then my husband joined when he retired. In 2008, we won the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. Mike sadly passed away in 2009 but I’m so thankful he was still here to receive that award.” 

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