Kenneth Philpott

Kenneth Philpott, a 64 year old tractor enthusiast from Helston, found out he had lung cancer after a chance visit to hospital revealed he had lung cancer.
He went to see his doctor after he felt an unusual pain in his side and was sent for a scan at Royal Cornwall Hospital, Treliske.
He was told he had appendicitis, but was then given the crushing news that the scan also revealed a suspected cancer.
"They said to me, 'we've found a mass in the lung. It's in the lung at the moment but it could spread and by finding this now, it could save your life'.That made me a little uneasy. I've never had any surgery."
He was sent to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth for another scan and told he would be given the results later, which was on his birthday and the day of his son Kevin's wedding in Falmouth.
The bad news followed and Mr Philpott had his appendix and part of his lung removed in two operations.
During six days in Derriford, his wife Mary was able to stay in accommodation nearby thanks to a grant from the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, which had been championed by former Helston mayor Mike Thomas.
He had raised money for the charity following the death of deputy mayor Mark Upton from cancer last year.

"I organised the tractor run event after having half my lung removed and finding out about the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation who helped myself and my wife out when we needed it, thanks to a Patient Grant.
I have been a vintage tractor enthusiast for roughly 20 years, Each year there are usually around eight or ten tractor runs - some are organised by clubs, or any individual who fancies organising one. Sometimes they are just for fun and some are for charity.
After having a chat with some of my friends who always have tractors, we thought it would be a great idea to help out the foundation by having a tractor run including selling cakes and buns, along with selling charity badges etc. Organising it was very busy trying to find out the route as well as trying to stay off the main roads. This was important as it was summer. We didn't expect so many tractors to turn up let alone raising that much money."

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