Understanding the Value of Lung Cancer Nurses

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation (RCLCF) and the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses (NLCFN) have worked together to develop a report with the aim of highlighting the difference lung cancer nurse specialists (LCNSs) can make to the lives of patients with lung cancer and their families and carers.

We conducted a survey of LCNSs, patients with lung cancer and carers of people with lung cancer , with the aim of uncovering people's experiences of the care delivered by LCNSs in addition to LCNS's own accounts of how they have helped to improve patient outcomes. The responses to the survey are used throughout the report to illustrate the value of LCNSs to patients with lung cancer and their carers.

Specialist nursing posts are often placed under threat during times of financial austerity, despite evidence that patients value the services provided by specialist nurses greatly and consistently rate them higher than other health professionals in terms of understanding patient needs, designed better personal care pathways, and obtaining patient feedback.

With the ongoing financial pressures in the NHS, we are concerned that LCNS posts may be threatened in some areas. As this report illustrates, LCNSs are essential to the delivery of high quality care and improved outcomes for patients with lung cancer.

Posts must therefore be maintained and, where possible, the number of LCNSs increased so that all patients with lung cancer can have access to a LCNS.




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