Free Will Writing Service

We are trying to make Will writing easier by partnering with national solicitors and law firms to provide a free Will for our patients and supporters.

Making a Will is one of those things we tend to put off, something we really don’t want to think about. However, it is really important to have a Will to ensure our loved ones are protected and provided for and save them from additional stress.

Is it really free?

Yes, it is. You will be provided with a voucher which covers the cost of a basic Single Will or Mirror Will (for couples with similar wishes).

During your appointment the solicitor will ask if you would like to make a donation to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation or leave a gift in your Will. Whether you donate at all is entirely up to you. There is no obligation and you will not be pressured to do so.

How your donations help

Gifts left in Wills account for a third of our fundraising income and they are a really important way of funding our activities. Just 1% (or more if your circumstances allow) will help us in the fight against lung cancer including:

  • Research into improving early detection of lung cancer and the patient experience.
  • Patient support activities including free telephone helpline, a network of nurse led patient support groups, a dedicated online forum, a range of information materials and personal grants to lung cancer patients.
  • Awareness campaigns highlighting the early signs and symptoms of lung cancer so that more people are diagnosed sooner and receive effective treatment, ultimately saving lives.

To benefit from our free Will writing service, simply complete the form below. Based on your situation, we will then recommend a solicitor and send you your Free Will voucher with instructions of how to redeem. By completing this form, you are confirming you have read our terms and conditions:

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