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Get discounts off clothing, technology or even days out with your family with Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and Savoo.

Savoo is a free online fundraising platform. It offers discounts on all sorts of things - from footwear to flowers, experience days to electronics, travel to takeaways.

But it's not just you who benefits from bagging a bargain; each time you use a Savoo's voucher code your nominated charity will receive a donation. The amount we receive varies from retailer to retailer but ranges from 1% to 10% and in some instances, Savoo will donate up to 50% of its commission to the charity of your choice.

We also get 1p every time people use the Savoo search engine too. This is just like Google, but within the Savoo website. You can set it up so that the Savoo search is your default browser and we literally get 1p into our account for every single search!

Click the button below to choose Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation as your chosen charity and start saving today:

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