Fresh Air Awards

The Fresh Air Award aims to give recognise a wide range of businesses, from pubs and restaurants with smoke-free gardens and outdoor eating areas, to places of work, sports stadia and health care organisations offering smoke-free outside spaces.

Tobacco smoke is highly toxic, containing over 4,000 chemicals and at least 60 known carcinogens. Smoking is the single greatest preventable risk to health and is responsible for over 100,000 deaths per year in the UK and 4.9 million worldwide.

Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, also known as second-hand smoke or passive smoking (involuntarily breathing in the smoke of others), is established beyond doubt as a cause of serious disease in non-smokers, including respiratory disease, lung cancer and heart disease.

When you decide to step outside for a breath of fresh air, we think this is what they should get, making being outside a more pleasant and sociable experience.

The most effective action to enable people to enjoy spending time in outside spaces is to help smokers to stop and remove the health risks caused by breathing in second-hand smoke. The best way to do this is to introduce completely smoke-free areas for all, and it is these smoke-free areas that the Fresh Air Award recognises.

Barbacoa restaurant in Crosby, Liverpool, was the first recipient of the award, and is thought to be the first restaurant in the UK to extend the smoking ban to its outside space. The owners decided to make the move after feedback from customers following a survey using social media.

Barbacoa owner Gordon Tartt said: “Customers were complaining that the outside of the restaurant was becoming an al fresco smoking lounge so we’ve created a place where people can eat and drink in a smoke-free environment.
“During the fine weather people want to go outside but many were turned off by the huddle of smokers.
“It’s already proving extremely popular and we’re delighted to have received the very first Fresh Air Award.”

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation wants to recognise other businesses and organisations that already have smoke –free areas or who want to introduce them. If you would like to recommend a business or for the award then please contact us. 

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