Stoptober 2018

Support a loved one to quit smoking this October.

Give up social media for a month.

Join our Stoptober 2018 campaign

We know quitting smoking isn't easy. That's why, this Stoptober we've found a way to give that little bit extra support to help you or a loved one quit for good.

Think you could give up social media for a month?
A month of no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Did you know the average person spends nearly 3 hours a day checking social media, with over 25% of us checking our feeds over 10 times a day.

So we're throwing down the gauntlet and asking people to give up social media this Stoptober to highlight the power of addiction and why people who smoke deserve support, not judgement.

You can do this in support of someone who is trying to quit smoking, in memory of a loved one or just as your own personal challenge.

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Sign up for Stoptober

Register now to get your free support and advice, whether your a smoker or non-smoker supporting a loved one.

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Stop Smoking Support

Visit our online community for support when quitting smoking.

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Smoking and Lung Cancer

Facts and information about smoking

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How Quit Support helped Peter

to give up smoking

Help Save Lives This Stoptober

Signed up for our Stoptober campaign? Help others to quit smoking by fundraising for our free support services.

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Reverse Fundraiser

Turn your efforts in to a fundraising event with our Reverse Fundraiser.

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Give a Donation

Make a single or monthly donation to fund lung cancer prevention.

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