Monday 09 March 2015 at 10:31

Lung cancer drug to be developed in China

Chinese pharmaceutical firm Chi-Med has announced that it is poised to start production of a new lung cancer drug, Fruquintinib.

The company has indicated that it is on track for regulatory approval in 2016 and the drug would be developed in partnership with Eli Lilly.

This, along with another drug tipped to be developed over the same time period for kidney cancer and gastric cancer, would be the first drug developed in China for the global market since the 1970s.

Christian Hogg, chief executive, told The Financial Times that Chi-Med was aiming to become China’s first large-scale developer of home grown innovative pharmaceuticals.

Experts have cautioned that there is no guarantee that the drug would make it through clinical trials, although there are indications that major investments in research could speed up the process.

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