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Our 25th anniversary bucketlist

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The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation has unveiled its own "bucketlist", which outlines its hopes for the future of lung cancer over the next 25 years.

The #bucketlist25 campaign is part of the charity's 25th anniversary celebrations and encourages supporters to share their own bucketlist wishes via social media.

Paula Chadwick, chief executive of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, said: “I’m ticking off one of my own bucketlist items this year by jumping out of a plane to raise money for the charity and I hope this campaign will encourage more people to do the same.

“The charity has achieved so much in the past 25 years, including being instrumental in the introduction of the smoking ban, but the next 25 years are just as important.

“I think the most important thing on our bucketlist is our desire to close down as a charity in the next 25 years because we have beaten lung cancer and are no longer required.”

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation’s #bucketlist25

  1. Save the lives of the 35,000 people who die from lung cancer every year.
  2. Raise £25million for research to beat lung cancer.
  3. Make sure every one of the 40,000+ people diagnosed with lung cancer every year have access to the best treatment and care.
  4. Meet the Queen (and ask her to be our royal patron).
  5. Get 250 people to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money to beat lung cancer.
  6. Have 1,250 run the London Marathon for us.
  7. Knock lung cancer off the top of the list as the number 1 cancer killer.
  8. Prevent every child from taking up smoking, which is the biggest cause of lung cancer.
  9. Remove the stigma that many lung cancer patients feel because of the disease’s association with smoking.
  10. Make sure the first question any one ask a lung cancer patient is not “did you smoke?” but “how are you?”
  11. See one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Did we mention we run charity challenges to the Great Wall of China and Angkor Wat?
  12. All lung cancer patients are diagnosed at an early stage when their lung cancer can be treated and cured.
  13. Open a lung cancer support group in every county.
  14. Receive a £25million donation (ok, we can dream...)
  15. Finally, the most important. Close the doors of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation as we have beaten lung cancer for good.

Please share your own bucketlist wishes with us on twitter @roy_castle_lung or follow us on Facebook Don't forget to include #bucketlist25


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