Wednesday 15 July 2015 at 10:03

Seven year old supporter appeals for children to donate their tooth fairy money

A young boy from Ingleby Barwick is appealing for children to donate to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation if they receive money from the tooth fairy.

Oliver Williams, aged seven, made the appeal after he had to have four teeth removed in an operation. After receiving £4 for the teeth from the tooth fairy, he told his mum that he would like to donate the money to a lung cancer research charity in order to help his grandmother. She has suffered from the illness for a year.

Oliver’s mum, Jenny, then set up on an online fundraising page on Oliver’s behalf, where he has asked for children to donate their tooth fairy money, or for people to match his donation of £4.

The page has been overwhelmed with donations, and has so far raised over £300 for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

Jenny said “I’m just so proud of him. He suggested donating the money himself without any prompting from us.

“He’s really humble and shocked about how much he’s raised already, he’s just so pleased that people are making donations.

“A lot of his friends are now saying they are going to donate the money that they get from the tooth fairy to Oliver’s fundraising page. We really hope we can get the campaign to gather momentum and make a big difference for lung cancer research.”

Ben Blackman, Director of Fundraising at Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, said “I’m really lucky to see the amazing and inspiring feats undertaken by our wonderful supporters every single day in my job.

“When I heard about what Oliver did for us, it lit up my day. I donated to him straight away and he has inspired me, my family, our staff team and so many of our supporters. It’s such a thoughtful and generous gesture from a very kind, brave boy.”

Anyone wishing to donate to Oliver’s campaign can visit his fundraising page online at

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