Apply for a Mesothelioma Research Grant

After careful consideration Mesothelioma UK have decided to suspend the 2020 open grants round due to the Coronavirus crisis. Please check back for further details on future funding calls or email and we will contact you as and when we are open for applications.

As of 2020, Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation are proud to partner with Mesothelioma UK who offer two new mesothelioma-specific research grants:

Types of research grants

Mesothelioma UK offer different types of Mesothelioma research grants:

Pilot grants

Mesothelioma pilot grants are available to allow established scientists to investigate and develop new ideas in the field of Mesothelioma research in the areas of Patient Experience and Palliative Care/Symptom Control grant.

Pilot grants will be awarded if they can clearly demonstrate that support is for a new direction of research for researchers to test hypotheses to provide sufficient data for a full application to Mesothelioma UK.

It is expected in general that a pilot grant will be used to fund a discrete piece of research that will not be supplemented from other sources. The applicant must have a proven track record in their own scientific field and be employed in a UK or Ireland university or research institute.

These grants will not exceed 12 months’ duration and a maximum of £25,000 may be applied for.

Project grants

Mesothelioma UK projects grants are available to support innovative research into Mesothelioma in the areas of Patient Experience and Palliative Care/Symptom Control grant.

Mesothelioma UK will award project grants for a clear research proposal of relevance to Mesothelioma UK research topics and is expected to lead to a significant advance of understanding of Mesothelioma and its impact.

The applicants should have conducted independent research in the field of Mesothelioma or be an experienced researcher in a related field, and wish to build on their history and reputation in the Mesothelioma area, deepening their knowledge and experience.

These grants are awarded for up to two years and will not normally exceed £50,000 per annum.

How to apply

The application process is now open.

Patient Experience and Palliative Care/Symptom Control grant applications are now invited for the 2020 open grants round. The closing date is 12.00 noon on Thursday 30 April 2020.

Notice to applicants: Due to restrictions of our server, we are unable to receive emails with attachments exceeding 10MB. If your research application exceeds 10MB please send documents via Dropbox to

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