Cut Films Awards 2016

Each year we hold annual film competitions, both in local areas and nationally. The films are then judged by an panel of experts and young people. These are followed by local awards in each location and the Nationals are held at BAFTA HQ in central London.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Overall 2016 National Cut Films Award was 'Harrington Hill Primary School' with their film 'Intelligent Life', which can be seen below.
The winners each received an iPad Mini and an award to take back to their primary school. 

The rest of the winners can be found by clicking here.

Cut Films is the youth charity of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. It is a unique project which aims to prevent children and young people from smoking. However rather than simply going into schools and preaching about the dangers of smoking, Cut Films tackles the issue in a much more creative and engaging way.

A Cut Films youth worker, with professional filmmaking skills, helps groups of young people to create two-minute short films. The brief is simple: the film should persuade their peers not to smoke.

Over the past year, Cut Films has worked in Liverpool, Buckinghamshire, Harrow, Barnet, Hackney and a series of workshops across the country funded by the British Thoracic Society engaging over 3500 young people, delivering over 385 workshops, and receiving over 420 films.

You can find out more about Cut Films via their website: 

Since February 2016, Liverpool Cut Films has worked with 500 young people across three schools and one youth club in Liverpool to deliver over 74 anti-smoking and filmmaking workshops, creating an amazing 38 anti-tobacco films. Over 100 young people, teachers, youth workers and their families attended the Liverpool Cut Films Awards 2016 event.

The winner of the Liverpool Cut Films Awards is... 'Just to Get By' from Academy of St Francis of Assisi. Congratulations to Romario, Peter, John and Daniel. You can watch the winning video below.


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