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Oliver Williams

Oliver Williams, aged 7, has become one of our youngest ever fundraisers.

Oliver, from Ingleby Barwick near Stockton, chose to donate the £4 he received from the tooth fairy for having four teeth removed in an operation. He asked his mum and dad if he could donate the money to lung cancer research in order to help his grandmother, who he calls Baba, after she was diagnosed with lung cancer over a year ago.

Oliver’s mum, Jenny, then set up an online fundraising page on Oliver’s behalf, where he has asked for other people to match his donation.

The page has been overwhelmed with donations, and has so far raised an incredible £1,500.

Jenny said “I’m just so proud of him. He suggested donating the money himself without any prompting from us. He’s really humble and shocked about how much he’s raised already, he’s just so pleased that people are making donations.”

“He is a caring young boy who adores his family and is exceptionally close to his grandma, who he has a unique bond with.”

To recognise Oliver’s fundraising achievement he was recently invited to visit the charity’s offices in Liverpool. Here he met the fundraising team, Chief Executive Paula Chadwick, and founder Professor Ray Donnelly. He was also given a rare tour of our Liverpool research laboratories, where he learnt more about the vital research his money was helping to fund. You can watch his visit in the video above. 

Jack Miller, director of fundraising for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, added: “We’re incredibly grateful for Oliver’s generous gesture and we wanted to do something special to recognise what he’s achieved at such a young age.
“Contributions from our supporters, big or small, help to fund vital lung cancer research, so we thought it was appropriate to give Oliver a behind the scenes look at the work our researchers are carrying out. It wouldn’t be possible without supporters like him."

Anyone wishing to donate to Oliver’s campaign can visit his fundraising page online at

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