'I love my Lungs'

Here at Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation we realise that to make a difference in the future we need to spread our health message now. This is why we want schools just like yours to get involved.

Our 'I love my lungs' campaign educates pupils as to why they should love their lungs and the importance of keeping them healthy. By fundraising alongside, pupils will learn the importance of helping others who are ill with lung cancer.

Find out how to take part in our business-themed schools activity, the 50/50 Enterprise Challenge

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  • 'Let us lend a hand' (additional materials and resources)
  • What to do with money raised

A pupil section including...

  • Information about the Charity for pupils
  • Factsheet and Activity
  • KS1: Activity 1 (Colouring Sheet)
  • KS1: Activity 2 (jigsaw puzzle)
  • KS1: Activity 3 ('I love my lungs because...)
  • KS2: Activity 1 (Wordsearch)
  • KS2: Activity 2 (Crossword)
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