Sue's Story

Mum passed away only a month after being poorly for a short time. It was the day before she passed away that the doctors told us she had lung cancer and it was so aggressive there was nothing they could do.

We all felt betrayed, shocked, numb and not able to understand how someone so lively, so wanting to live and enjoy life, could be taken so quickly.

I made my mind up almost immediately that I wanted to do something, for mum, for mum's memory. Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation was my choice of charity as it is solely dedicated to lung cancer.

I guess looking back over the past year, I was in denial that mum was no longer with us. Throughout the year it's been hard, but throwing ourselves into some sort of training routine helped. I believed Mum was still alive and doing what she liked best - shopping!

On Saturday 6th September 2014, almost a year to the day to Mum's 1st anniversary, my partner and I completed a gruelling 27.8 mile trek in the Derbyshire Peaks within the 12 hour time limit…just! It rained for the best part of the day, it was muddy, it was slippery, and visibility on Kinder Scout was very minimal. After 11 hours and 40 minutes we made it across the finish line. Shocked, dazed, even amazed at our achievement - it was one of the hardest physical challenges we had ever done.

Apart from feeling extremely sore, the wave of emotion was unreal. For me it hit like a smack in the face, the reason behind why I put myself through all this pain and why I did this challenge was for my mum. It was hard realizing that mum wasn't here to share this achievement with me. It hurts!

Losing my mum is the hardest thing I have ever had to accept. Something has died in me, I can almost feel it. Mum was such an important part in my life, that gap will never be filled, but she will always be in my thoughts and my heart.

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