Tom's Story

Sandy and I moved to Cyprus in September 2005 after having numerous holidays in previous years staying with my parents who have a property in Ozankoy. We moved from the south coast of England where for 10 years I had run a taxi company.

Unfortunately in May 2010 I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Given the options I had and talking with the family who have been thoroughly supportive, it was decided to seek treatment back in the UK.

On Monday 31st May I left my home in Cyprus and went to Worthing hospital where after X rays and CAT scans it showed I had acute cancer of the lungs, cancerous growths on the liver and cancer cells in the stomach but anyone who knows me will know that I will fight this in the knowledge that one day I shall return to Cyprus, my home. I am under chemotherapy and according to the consultant (and I have seen the proof) the cancer is shrinking in the lungs a lot more than anticipated which everyone is very excited about. There is not a cure as yet but they can control the situation. The first round of chemo finishes in October when there will be more tests to clarify what the next course of action will be.

Sadly Steve died later that year.

Tom, Steve’s son, says: “I became involved with Roy Castle applying for a RideLondon ballot place, as on signing up you get asked which charities you would be interested in supporting. Due to my Dad having died from Lung Cancer I ticked the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation box as well as other charities. Mark was the first person to come back to me and so I pledged right away to raise money for you guys.

Thankfully as I missed out on a ballot place you gave me one of the Golden Bond places as I am really keen to do the 100 mile event. In preparation Mark also arranged for me to do the 100km London Nightrider event which I completed in a time of 5hours 48min and finally got to meet Mark and put a face to the name. I am looking forward to meeting up with him again on Sunday 10th for our early morning cycle to the RideLondon start line.”

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