Gareth Owen

Why did you decide to volunteer for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation?
It all started when I found out my uncle was diagnosed with cancer and I wanted to raise money for him. At the time my uncle was under nurses from another cancer organisation and in his honour I raised £2500.

After completing my first event I felt unreal and the impact it had on the people close to me was amazing. It was like an instant addiction and I was already looking for my next event and this is what led me to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. I wanted to take part in the Tough Mudder however spaces were limited and only Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation had spaces available – this was the start of my Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation journey.

How long have you volunteered for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation?
It will be 3 years this November.

Describe what kinds of things you have done for the charity?
My first challenge was the Tough Mudder in November 2012. The support I received from Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation encouraged me to do more events/challenges for the charity. I quickly signed up to be a Roy’s Runner and completed my first ever half marathon as well as completing my first ever Triathlon. The UK then brought out their version of Tough Mudder known as Xtreme Storm, they needed people to be their test dummies. Once again I volunteered and took part in the first ever Xtreme Storm in Southport.

Although I have taken part in a number of events my interest lies with the Tough Mudder and I am working towards building a ‘Tough Mudder Team’. To do this I am working with Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation to manage a Facebook group for the team, posting updates, providing support and advice to those supporters taking part. I am also using Facebook as a recruiting tool to raise the profile of what we are doing.

My uncle was well known for his football and supporting football in his local area. With this in mind I wanted to set something up in his name so the Roy Castle Kenny Owen Charity Cup was born. So far we have had 2 charity cups and are currently working on our third. This is a great way to have fun and raise funds for awareness and funds for my uncle and the charity.

What is your favourite thing about being a volunteer?
I love being a part of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. The support is amazing and I get so much joy and happiness knowing what I do helps those who need it. Although Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation aren't the size of other well-known cancer charities they make you feel included in what is going on and accepted as a supporter.

After one of my early events I received a certificate with had the name and picture of a cancer patient with the following line “this is what your money helped me get" this was priceless!

A really great LOCAL organisation that deserve everything I can offer them. I wouldn't go anywhere else

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