Theresa Parker

Why did you decide to volunteer for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation?
I became involved when my mother died of lung cancer in August 2007.  Unfortunately, she had a late diagnosis so did not benefit from the assistance and help that such an organisation as yourself can help with.  When my lovely mum passed away in hospital, I wanted to try and channel my grief (if there is such a thing that one can do) to help others in what might lie ahead for them, both the person with this and their families. 

How long have you volunteered for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation?
I have been involved in the charity for 7 years and have enjoyed all the challenges as well as the success that organising various events can pose. 

Describe what kinds of things you have done for the charity?
I have organised annual cakes sales, which are particularly popular around Valentine's day!  I also organise a jungle art workshop, open to all children including those with additional needs.  The local reptile shop are happy to provide the reptiles for the morning or afternoon for children to hold and ask questions about too, it is always a fun event and well attended.  The local church hall also offer the parish centre 'free' of charge too. 

For the last 7 years, I have also hosted a Dance Show, with many local Coventry schools participating in the event.  This has been very successful, with one year raising over £900 alone.  This year, for a change, I am hosting a pamper evening (in October or November) which will include therapists offering a wide range of 'pamper' therapies ranging from reflexology, Indian Head Massage, mini-facials, etc.  There are also a number of stall holders too offering their services all for the charity.

What is your favourite thing about being a volunteer?
My favourite part is all the organising, along with the help of my family and their contacts too.  It always amazes me how generous people are and the ways in which they can help and support my mum's tribute fund, all in the name of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.
I was quite emotional when I received my letter for a nomination for this year's Star Awards, and although I did not make the final list, it has really spurred me on to promote the foundation and all the positive work that it does and they way it can change many lives.  I will continue to support the cause and am always thinking of innovative ways to raise funds, get others involved and awaiting the next event!

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