Will Vick

Why did you decide to volunteer for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation?
At first I volunteered for Roy Castle as part of my school’s Duke of Edinburgh programme, but as it turned out I enjoyed the work so much that I stayed for two more years! For me it was a great way to make new friends, to be creative in all sorts of ways, and to have a real positive impact towards a cause that is so important to so many people.

How long have you volunteered for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation?
I volunteered at the Roy Castle shop in Heswall for around three years before leaving to university up in Durham, though I still drop by to catch up and help out whenever I’m in the area!

Describe what kinds of things you have done for the charity?
Most of my work was in the Heswall store so there I undertook all kinds of different tasks such as serving customers at the till, helping to design the shop floor, organising stock... Usually I’d be doing something completely different and learning a new skill every week! Plus following on from my work in the book section of the Heswall store I was given the opportunity to design and arrange the new book area in the (then) new Saltney shop – that was good fun and excellent CV material as well! On top of that working with the charity gives you a whole range of other ways to help out, so for instance I collected donations at the Brasilica festival in Liverpool – and getting to take part in a parade like that really is an amazing and unforgettable experience.

What is your favourite thing about being a volunteer?
Apart from the fact that of course you’re always working towards a fantastic cause, probably my favourite aspect of being a shop volunteer is the people you meet, and the great relationships that you can build with the shop staff, with the volunteers, and with the customers. But across the whole charity there’s such a range of ways you can help out that I’m sure anyone can find something that really floats their boat.

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