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Information for patients

We understand you may have lots of questions surrounding lung cancer and coronavirus (COVID-19) and now, more than ever, we are here for people living with lung cancer, ensuring you have the information and support you need in these very uncertain times.

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Fundraising during covid-19

Now, more than ever, we need you to fundraise for us. Major events may be cancelled and social distancing may be putting a stop to traditional fundraising, but there are still lots of opportunities for you to get involved and help support those people living with lung cancer.

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Treatment advice during COVID-19

There are a lot of questions about access to treatment during the coronavirus pandemic including how COVID-19 will affect current treatment and those who are about to start treatment for lung cancer. We are doing everything we can to get the answers to all your treatment questions.

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Treatment advice during COVID-19

I’m appealing to you on behalf of my Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation family. I have had to postpone my charity auction night, just as many other fundraising events have been cancelled. This is having a huge financial impact on the charity, yet they continue to provide support and advice to those of us living with lung cancer. If you can spare anything, that would be gratefully appreciated.

Nick, diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer

Fundraising during COVID-19: Live Streaming

Mike turned his love of gaming into a fundraiser for us. Live streaming is a fantastic way to raise money for us during these really difficult times. Read Mike’s story for inspiration.

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Fundraising during COVID-19: Virtual events

Matthew took on a 24hr rowathon in memory of his dad. You too can take on a virtual challenge and help ensure we can continue to support those that need us more than ever. Read Matthew’s story for inspiration.

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Fundraising Events

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I am living with cancer or am a cancer patient, but I am not a warrior. I am surviving cancer but not a cancer survivor. But I prefer the people who are brave enough to speak to me, even if they say words I don’t like than the people who avoid me!

Andy, living with late stage lung cancer