Signs and symptoms

At best, lung cancer symptoms can vague and easily attributed to something else, especially at the moment. However, in order for lung cancer to be diagnosed as soon as possible, it is vital we all know the symptoms, contact their doctor quickly and feel able to ask for further tests when needed.

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Don’t ignore a cough

Hear a cough now and you automatically think Covid. But a persistent cough that lasts for three weeks or more, or that changes or gets worse, is also one of the most common symptoms of lung cancer and must not be ignored. Sadly, Chiara knows this too well. Her dad, Paul, had a cough for nearly 8 months before finally going to the doctor.

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If someone has lung cancer, you’d think they must have a cough. I didn’t. My only symptom was a croaky voice.

Andrew, underwent lung cancer surgery in November 2018


If you are experiencing lung cancer symptoms, have just been diagnosed or are undergoing treatment, we are still here to help and support you. Our Ask the Nurse service, online forum and wide range of free literature can help you better understand your diagnosis and the treatments available, whilst our patient grant scheme can help alleviate some of the financial pressure than can come with being diagnosed with lung cancer.

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Nicky on the helpline was my rock and her advice was nothing short of brilliant. No internet search would have come up with her answers but, more importantly, no internet search would have provided me with the amount of encouragement, calm and level-headedness that Nicky did.

Larissa, Ask the Nurse service user

Jo is Still here

“I definitely did not realise that lung cancer is something you could have surgery for and walk away from. However, when the consultant used that word curative, I suddenly thought there is life after a lung cancer diagnosis.”

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Steve is still here

“When I asked ‘How long did I have?’ I was told me that without treatment, I would have about 6 months, that I wouldn’t see my 65th birthday. I’m now 68 and still in remission. I’m not ready to go yet – I’ve got a couple more World Cups in me and a few more Olympics!”

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