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Lung Cancer Information

We offer a wide range of lung cancer information so everyone affected can understand the disease. We work with lung cancer experts and others affected by the disease so it is as relevant, clear and accurate.

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ask the nurse lung cancer helpline

Ask the Nurse

As part of our commitment to helping anyone affected by lung cancer, we have a free lung cancer Ask the Nurse helpline to provide information, advice and support.

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It’s time to find a better way to talk about lung cancer

Because people living with lung cancer need comfort, not awkwardness. They need sincerity, not platitudes. They need support, not judgement. So, here’s how we’ll proceed. Follow my Lead.

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It’s time to find a better way to talk about lung cancer

General phrases are sometimes not welcome as people are individuals and don’t want to be labelled by cancer. Everyone’s story is different.

Ruthra, diagnosed with early stage lung cancer in January 2019


When Eileen was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer, she was terrified – not at the prospect of dying, but at missing out on her trip of a lifetime.

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Lung cancer denies many people many things. It nearly denied David the chance of walking his daughter down the aisle. But he had other ideas…

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I am living with cancer or am a cancer patient, but I am not a warrior. I am surviving cancer but not a cancer survivor. But I prefer the people who are brave enough to speak to me, even if they say words I don’t like than the people who avoid me!

Andy, living with late stage lung cancer